16 Jul 2014

(Originally posted on my old personal blog, Adventures with KHill!)

Woooo are you jealous that I’m in Germany for their World Cup win? Probably. I would be jealous of me. I’ve been meaning to write stuff down for a while now and haven’t gotten to it so I’ve forgotten a lot, but I’ll try to do a recap of the last week and a half anyway.

Monday: Went to a lake nearby called the Olchinger See with my friends. I’m not a big swimmer, but it was still fun and pretty. I think that’s about all that I did that day. Womp.

Tuesday: The best day!!! I wasn’t feeling too well and it was cold and rainy, so the beginning was rough. My friends were going to the Olympic Stadium in Munich to watch the Germany vs. Brazil World Cup game on a big screen, but I thought I wouldn’t go since I didn’t feel well and it’s like rule #1 of being sick that you don’t go out in the cold and rain to scream at a soccer game viewing. After I took a nap, though, I got up and decided to meet them there anyway because THE MAN CAN’T BRING ME DOWN and I am SO glad I went. If you didn’t see the Germany/Brazil game…just know that it was completely unbelievable. I don’t think I could’ve picked a better game to see at the stadium. A bunch of Germany fans were packed into the seats and some even sat or stood out in the rain to be closer to the screen. Around the 25 minute mark, the insanity started. Germany was just scoring goal after goal, to the point where I would think that they were showing a replay of the previous goal on screen when it was actually already a new goal. With every point, the stadium got more and more insane. People were tossing their beer and food into the air and hugging strangers. There were a couple of radio commentators being emcees for the night and they would lead the crowd in hilarious cheers where we would chant the name of whoever scored and then something that went like this: Radio guy: “DEUTSCHLAND?” Audience: “(number of points Germany had at any given time)” Radio guy: “BRASILIEN?” Audience: “NULL!” (zero) Radio guy: “DANKE!” (thank you) Audience: “BITTE!” (you’re welcome) Such a polite way to end a cheer. When the final score ended up being 7-1, I don’t think anyone there could believe it. I’m sure that that’ll be a game that is referenced for years to come as a total, wonderful shock. The other best part of the night was when we left the game and got on the UBahn (subway) to come home. It was packed with Germany fans chanting super loudly and jumping the entire time so that the whole train was shaking. SO FUN. One of their chants also involves taking a knee, which we did along with everyone else in the train. The energy was just so so exciting and fun; absolutely the best game experience during my time here.

Wednesday: Fo real didn’t do anything but class because I was feeling worse. Shockingly, screaming in the cold and rain at a soccer game didn’t help my sore throat. Weird.

Thursday: Went to the mall and bought a sweater! This sounds not at all exciting but it was actually quite the opposite because it is a cute sweater so take that.

Friday: Went grocery shopping with my host mom, who bought me a ton of chocolate again (I should really just move here). Later, we went to dinner at this Chinese restaurant that reminded me of BD’s Mongolian Grill at home where you pile a bunch of ingredients onto a plate and take it up to the grill to be cooked. It was very tasty and so sweet of my host family to treat me to stuff like that. Afterward, I played Wii bowling with my host sister on a team against my host father and I basically brought the team down. The good news is 7-year-olds don’t really hold grudges (especially against foreign college students who seem pretty clueless about everything all the time).

Saturday/Sunday/Monday: I’m going to combine these days because this is when our whole group took a mandatory excursion to Nuremberg. I really had no idea what to expect but it was so much fun! First of all, the city of Nuremberg is absolutely beautiful. It’s a medieval town with a historic city center and pieces of a city wall still surrounding it. The youth hostel where we stayed was a part of the castle/fortress (!!!) where Charlemagne once stayed. NO BIGGIE. It was really the nicest hostel I’ve ever seen and probably set my future hostel expectations too high. While in Nuremberg, I got to see a lot of gorgeous churches, a medieval dungeon, and a lot of markets and crafty little stores. I obviously knew of Nuremberg from the Nuremberg Trials after World War Two where Nazi leaders were convicted of their war crimes. However, I didn’t realize what a huge role Nuremberg played in the war. It was really the headquarters for the whole Nazi operation. I got to go to the Documentations Zentrum museum where they had a ton of information about the rallies and operations that Hitler and the Nazis had in Nuremberg. The museum was actually housed in a building that Hitler had planned on making the Nazi Congress to govern Germany, but the building was never finished. Most of the city was destroyed with bombs during the war, so today, a lot of the historic buildings have been rebuilt. I found that (like just about everything else associated with war) very sad. But it was still such an interesting and beautiful city to see. On Sunday night, we obviously watched the World Cup final. We went to a “public viewing” that was really my group and a few older, calmer German fans in a tiny biergarten at the base of the fortress where we were staying. It was super stressful because no one scored for forever and after the Brazil game, I think I got a little too confident and thought Argentina would spend the whole hour and a half bowing to my beloved Germans. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but Deutschland still won! I still can’t believe I’ve gotten to be here during such an exciting time. We ran to the city center right after the game and not a lot was going on yet, but there were frequent fireworks, chants, and happy screams for the whole night. I went back to the hostel pretty early on, but heard that the celebrations later in the night were pretty similar to State Street after a UK basketball win during March Madness. I still feel like the post-Brazil game celebrations were probably the best. Yay Germany!!! The last day, some of my friends and I concluded our journey at this park where they were having a festival called “Sommer in the City.” They had basically imported a beach, complete with sand volleyball courts, thousands of beach chairs, food stands, and little cabanas. It was kind of the weirdest thing ever sitting in the middle of a southern Germany city in jeans and tennis shoes lounging in a sandy beach chair listening to Marvin Gaye music. I’m not complaining, but…what? #livingthedream

Tuesday: Friends and I went to a music/arts festival in Munich called Tollwood and walked around for a bit. I bought a necklace with a pretzel on it, complete with tiny rhinestone salt! So precious and German. Then I went to downtown Munich and bought a super cool Deutschland Fußballbund jacket that was super marked down because the World Cup is over. I am realizing that I’ve written the words “I bought” way too much in this blog. I keep thinking I’m done buying myself souvenirs, then I see something else I like and all of a sudden it ends up in my hands and my money is gone from my wallet. I can’t help it (sort of not really). I’ll get a job someday.

Anywho, today is a more relaxed day because tomorrow I am flying out for a long weekend in ROME! Seriously so excited to go to a city I’ve always wanted to visit since I saw “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” in theaters as a child. Maybe an Italian popstar will find me and make me his new singing partner like what happened to Lizzie in her movie? That would be what dreams are made of. Until next time…