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October 13, 2017

(Originally posted on my old book review blog, HilliterateBlog!)

Hi there! I'm K. Hill (KHill, K-Hill), and this is my blog, Hilliterate. Thanks for taking a look at my very first, very much agonized-over book blog post! At the encouragement of my best friend Katie, my mom, and (I'd like to think) my family's pet chihuahua Lilly, I've started this page to share my love of books with an audience who will hopefully appreciate it. The book blogging community is vast and intimidating and I don't expect to get any sort of following, but writing is as fun and cathartic for me as reading is, and what's more fun to write about than all of the books I love?

a happy weirdo, overwhelmed and overjoyed by the literary possibilities

To get started, I think I'll tell you a bit about myself. As a kid, I loved reading more than anything. Library day was my favorite in the "special subjects" rotation in elementary school and the Scholastic Book Fair was my Super Bowl. My favorite series was the Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne. It was kind of meta (if I'd known the term "meta" back then) to read about Jack and Annie jumping into a new setting and adventure as I was basically doing the same through the books about them, getting equally engrossed in their world.

Over the years, as I'm sure happens for many a young bookworm, I became too busy with school, life, and, well, Netflix, and I lost a lot of the desire to pick up a new story in my precious downtime. Throughout college, I watched an embarrassing amount of 8- or 9-season TV series as my way to wind down, because why would I do MORE reading after I finished my exams and research papers? I would read for fun during the summer but rarely otherwise, and I continued to struggle to find the interest in it in my so-called ~adult~ life.

At the beginning of this year, I made a goal to read more. Some call this a resolution, I hear. Without thinking much about it, I brushed the dust off the ol' Goodreads account and set up a 2017 Reading Challenge for myself to read 50 books. This meant that I'd have to read roughly one per week, which seemed pretty ambitious after not having read 50 books total over the last 5+ years. What I didn't count on, however, was for reading to return as my favorite pastime so easily. Enjoying a book quickly became my addiction, reaching the goal my obsession. I signed up for my first library card since childhood and much like the Fresh Prince, my world got flip-turned upside down. What do you mean, I have access to all the books that I could possibly want to read...for FREE? And that most of those books can be downloaded to my Kindle, so I never even have to leave my bed to access them? This library thing is the hottest, best-kept secret in town! (Please eye roll at me, with me.)

I consulted my ever-growing "want to read" list and got to work, downloading one after another of the many books I've thought sounded interesting over the last decade or so. I'm not a very fast reader, but I am both dedicated to finishing books I've started and easily invested in storylines. I had also just moved to a new city where I knew no one at the end of last year, so combine that with my serious social anxiety and I had a lot of free time that I didn't want to spend with anyone/anything but my books. It only took until June to reach my goal of 50, and I've kept on going since.

Meanwhile, I got back into keeping up my personal blog and adding a book recommendation to the end of each post. My aforementioned bestie, Katie, mentioned to me one day that maybe I should try devoting an entire blog to book recommendations and reviews. And here we are...

I hope to use this space to share with my fellow readers my thoughts on some of the things I read. I've missed a lot in book world in the past 10 or so years, so the books will not all be new releases (and may in fact be things that have been reviewed hundreds of times by others) nor will they necessarily have anything in common with one another. While I lean mostly toward popular fiction and my favorite genres are YA, mystery, and historical fiction, I've spanned many genres this year with no real pattern. Another thing worth noting is that I'm not a very harsh critic. Like, if a story is even remotely engaging and lacking in obvious grammar/spelling mistakes or huge plot holes, I'll probably get into it and at least somewhat enjoy reading it. Additionally, I'm super impressed by authors in general and don't want to make anyone feel bad about their amazing accomplishment of putting books out into the world for mere plebeians like me.

ALL of this rambling to say, I don't pretend to be anyone more knowledgeable or shrewd than I am or expect to produce brilliant, inspired critiques that have never been done before. I'm just your average twentysomething gal who loves to read and to share that love with everyone. If even one person gets a kick out of something I've written or checks out one of my recommendations from their own library, I'll be thrilled. So please feel free to give a like, a comment, or even a follow if you want, and I'll be happy to have you along on my fun, eye-opening, heart-happy-making journey through the literary world. :)





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